Zhejiang Chenjie Pump Industry Co.,Ltd.

WHO WE ARE WASSERMANN has been operating in the electric pump industry for more than twenty years. It is a company that is committed to study, to develop, to manufacture and to industrialized pumping systems.

Hot Products

    • Centrifugal Pumps Open Impeller

      Centrifugal Pumps Open Impeller

      *For clean and slight dirty water, also with solids up to 10mm grain size *For fraining a basin or a sump *For irrigation *For civil and industrial applications

    • V Series Submersible Pumps For Dirty Water

      V Series Submersible Pumps For Dirty Water

      With free-flow(votex)impeller; For domestic or industrial waste water,dirty water with solids.For draining rooms or emptying tanks; Extraction of water from ponds,flowing water or pits and for rainwater collection