Home Pressure Booster Pump

It is a DC pump designed with permanent magnet motor. The pump is ideal for pressure boosting of water in domestic properties. The pump provides additional pressure to showers, taps and similar outlet points for domestic water. The pump incorporates or connects a flow switch and a pressure switch which starts and stops the pump when a tap is turned on or off.
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best whole house water pressure booster system



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The booster pump uses linear pressure sensor instead of traditional mechanical switch to control the starting pressure of the pump, and has advanced flow control system. 1. Double control, flow control and pressure control, can start at very small flow 2. Magnet motor, frequency controlled, high speed (n=0-1000rpm), energy saving 3. 100-230v power adapter converts to 24V output, low voltage, safe, no electric shock 4. Instead of the mechanical seals, it is shielded structure, greatly avoid the water leakage 5. Silent, noise is 30 dB(A) 6. Easy installation, plug and play 7. Water proof case, water proof PCB, IP67 8. Automatic restart when water comes 9. Multiple protections from over current, over voltage, dry running, over heat, electricity leakage OPERATING CONDITIONS Liquid temperature up to +80℃ Ambient temperature up to +40℃ Max Working pressure 6bar Continuous dutyFlow rate up to 1.5m3/h Lift head up to 20m


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