Macerating Pumping System Wc Pump

The macerating pumping system has been designed to pump away the waster from WC, washbasin, bidet, shower, domestic kitchen sink, dishwasher and washing machine - all working at the same time if required. With the help of this system, it is possible to install a complete bathroom in a basement conversion or loft extension, also makes the addition of a domestic kitchen or utility room easy even when below or distant from a drain The system is installed in a case specially designed for horizontal outlet spigots, installed and used correctly, this unit will give consistent and reliable service The system has a grinder pump and a carbon filter. It is provided with flexible sleeves, elbow, metal hose clips
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Home sanitary Bathroom Waste Pump For Kitchen Sink with cutter 



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OPERATION CONDITIONS Standard voltage 1x220V-240V, 50Hz Rated power: 800W Protection IP X4 Insulation class F Liquid temperature up to +50°C Ambient temperature up to +40°C OPTIONS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST Special mechanical seal Other voltages or 60Hz frequency Higher or lower liquid temperaturesPERFORMANCE RANGE Flow rate up to 150l/min Vertical pumping: max. 9m Horizontal pumping: max. 90m 4 inlet: 3x40mm + 1x100mm 2 outlet: 2x23/28/32/44mm


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