Check the drain hole and drain hole regularly

- Apr 10, 2018-

Submersible pump operation and maintenance

1. The submersible pump should check the insulation resistance of the submersible pump at intervals (about 1000 hours) before use. It should not be lower than 0.5MΩ. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be dried. 

2. Before use, check the cables, switches, and electric shock protectors, etc. The switches and other electrical appliances should work normally, and the cables should not be damaged. Carefully identify the cables. The yellow and green bicolor lines are ground lines to prevent leakage and electric shock accidents.

3, regular inspection of drain hole and drain hole. Tighten if there is no abnormality.

4. When the submersible pump enters into the water or out of the water, the TSWA horizontal multistage pump must first be cut off the power supply, and then pull the rope on the ring. Absolutely the cable can be pulled.

5, the submersible pump can not be buried in the river mud, if the water in the water more leather debris, the submersible pump should be placed in a basket or basket, and then basket or basket into the water.

6. The submersible pump shall not exceed 5 minutes when it is outside the water test machine (for example, in order to determine steering), so as to prevent the motor from heating and burning.

7. After the submersible pump has been working for 300 hours, it should be checked with sensitive water. If the released water or oil-water mixture is less than 25mL, it can be used continuously. Otherwise, check whether the block and the rubber seal ring are damaged.