Long life, no maintenance, small size and high efficiency

- Apr 10, 2018-

1. Long life, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, stable operation

2. No brush, no pollution, electronic commutation, long life.

3. The stator and circuit board part of the motor are encapsulated with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, which solves the leakage problem caused by the long-term dive of the motor type DC water pump, and can be completely installed underwater.

4. The pump parameters can be modulated. The 24V pump can modulate 2 meters of head, and can also reach 7 meters of head, and the volume can be kept constant. It can operate with wide voltage.

5. High-performance ceramic shaft (high-efficiency stainless steel shaft can be used for lowering the cost) for the shaft of the pump. High precision and good wear resistance. Because the pump uses high-precision shaft sleeves and ceramic shafts (reduced costs can be exchanged for other materials), the noise can be precisely matched. Low, low power noise can even reach 30 decibels or less.

6. Three-phase without the Hall program to drive the DC pump can achieve PWM speed, analog signal (0 ~ 5V) speed, potentiometer VR manual speed, so you can adjust the flow and head.

7. Three-phase DC water pump is soft start, no impact, low starting power consumption, circuit board and pump body are completely separated, there is no electronic components inside the pump body, the pump body adopts high temperature resistant material, and the water pump can be in 100 degree water temperature for a long time. use. With impeller rotor stuck protection, reverse connection protection, overload protection, over-current protection.

8. Pump interface is rich, 4 threads, 2 threads, in and out of 8mm, 10mm, 22mm, 27mm and so on.

9. If you need to increase the pump head can also be connected in series, the head can be doubled.

9. Both land and water (installation position below the liquid level for external use)