Reliable sealing, flexible and effective bottom valve

- Apr 10, 2018-

Before starting the mud pump, check whether there is any clogging in the inlet pipe and outlet pipe, and whether the front and rear bearings are filled with butter and check whether the packing is full. Mud pumps should be equipped with a high-pressure clean water pump to send clear water that is greater than the mud pump pressure to the leak-proof packing to protect the packing. When the mud pump is working, the flush pump must not be turned off. Otherwise, the seal part will be quickly worn. Whether the clearance between the impeller and the guard plate is reasonable has a great influence on the life of the mud pump. If the clearance is not reasonable, the vibration and noise will be generated when the pump is running, and the over-current components will be damaged quickly. Therefore, when replacing the impeller, attention should be paid to make the clearance meet the requirements of the drawings, and the gap adjustment can be performed through the adjustment screw on the rear bearing body. The allowable suction stroke of the mud pump is determined when the clear water is conveyed, and the effect of the mud on the sucking ability should be taken into account when pumping the mud.

The construction department should have special maintenance personnel responsible for the maintenance and repair of construction machinery. Periodically check and maintain the mud pump and other machinery and solve the problem early so as to avoid downtime. During construction, attention should be paid to the size of sediment particles. When the particles are large, frequent inspections of the contaminated parts of the slurry pump are required for timely repair or replacement. The vulnerable parts of the mud pump are pump casing, bearings, impellers, etc. Advanced anti-wear measures are adopted to increase the service life of the vulnerable parts, which can reduce the investment in the project and increase the production efficiency. At the same time, vulnerable parts should be prepared for replacement in time.

1. Check before start-up: All connection parts should be fastened; the direction of electric rotation should be correct; the clutch should be flexible and reliable; the pipelines should be firmly connected, the seals must be reliable, and the bottom valve should be flexible and effective.

2. Before starting the submerged mud pump, the suction pipe, the bottom valve and the pump body must be filled with water, and the top of the pressure meter buffer is filled with oil.

3, hand rotation, so that the piston back and forth two times, no resistance stems and the line insulation is good, can be started without load, after starting, to be normal and then gradually increase the load.

4. During operation, attention should be paid to the sealing condition of each sealing device and be adjusted when necessary. Pull rods and auxiliary rods should always be lubricated with oil.

5. The mud content in the mud should not exceed 10% during operation.

6, there are several speeds of the mud pump to make the splash lubrication and reliable, should be run in each shift a few speeds, respectively, time is not less than 30 seconds.

7. It is forbidden to change the speed during operation, and it is necessary to stop the pump to shift gears when the speed needs to be changed.