Smooth operation, vibration, low noise

- Apr 10, 2018-

Mud Pump is also a popular concept of a wide range of pumps. Different regions, habits, and the pump types involved ultimately will not be the same. The mud pump described in this entry is a type of pump in most senses. : Applied mud pump in the field of oil drilling. In fact, some non-clean water pumps such as sewage pumps and slurry pumps and mud pumps are also commonly used when they are called. This entry explains to readers the mud pump in the drilling field.

Slurry pump refers to the machine that sends rinsing liquid such as mud or water into the borehole during drilling. Mud pumps are an important part of drilling equipment.

In the commonly used positive circulation drilling, it is to flush the surface rinsing medium—water, mud or polymer washing fluid—through a high pressure hose, faucet, and the center hole of the drill string directly to the bottom of the drill bit under a certain pressure in order to achieve Cools the drill bit, removes the cut rock debris and transports it to the surface.

The commonly used mud pump is piston type or plunger type. The power machine drives the crankshaft of the pump to rotate. The crankshaft drives the piston or plunger through the crosshead to reciprocate in the pump cylinder. With the alternating action of suction and discharge valves, the purpose of pressure feed and circulating rinse liquids is achieved.

1. It can deliver high concentration, high viscosity <10000PaS and suspended slurry containing particles.

2. Stable flow, no over-current, pulsation and stirring, shearing slurry phenomenon.

3, discharge pressure has nothing to do with the speed, low flow can also maintain high discharge pressure.

4. The flow rate is proportional to the rotation speed, and the flow rate can be adjusted through a variable speed mechanism or a speed-regulating motor.

5, self-priming ability, do not have to install the bottom valve can be directly pumped liquid.

6, the pump can be reversed, the flow direction of the liquid is changed by the direction of rotation of the pump, and is suitable for occasions where the pipeline needs to be flushed in the opposite direction.

7, smooth operation, vibration, noise.

8, simple structure, easy disassembly and maintenance.

I-1B thick slurry pump is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, paper, food and other units.