Durable, Non-corrosive

- Apr 10, 2018-

Can be widely used in sewage sampling, large flow of liquid transfer, low noise continuous workplace; large, large aquariums, small swimming pools, fish pond water, reservoir water, fountains, fish pond feeding materials and other purposes... ...

(1). The liquid containing particles and oil can be pumped: the impeller inside the impeller pump has a large gap, and even allows the passage of smaller solid particles, so liquids containing smaller particles can be pumped, for example, in fish ponds for adding feed. Nutrient solution;

(2). Output flow stability: The internal impeller belongs to the center symmetry. Unlike the diaphragm pump or piston pump driven by an eccentric method, the “pulsation” phenomenon is almost absent.

(3) Do not add water diversion: because it is totally or partially submerged in water, it is not necessary to manually add water every time, so it overcomes the drawbacks that the impeller pump has no self-priming capacity; solved the problem that the piston pump and diaphragm pump cannot pump particles Shortcomings.

(4). Large flow volume and ultra-small volume: high-grade ball bearings, high-speed permanent magnet motors, speed, reliability far exceed the general civilian submersible pump motor, can achieve several times ~ 10 times the flow rate of ordinary submersible pumps; but the volume is Not much change;

(5) Extremely low noise: Since water absorbs noise, noise is much lower than that of piston pumps or diaphragm pumps.

(6) High-grade workmanship, resistance to seawater corrosion: Ultrasonic molding using high-grade ABS shell, stainless steel pump shaft, durable wear, corrosion, fresh water, sea water can be used