Energy Saving, Safe Operation

- Apr 10, 2018-

Gas booster pump

(1) With a wide range of working pressures, different types of pumps can be used to obtain different pressure zones.

Adjusting the input air pressure output pressure is adjusted accordingly. Extremely high pressures up to 90 Mpa

(2) A wide range of flow rates allows smooth operation for all models with only 0.1 Kg of air pressure. At this time, the minimum flow rate is achieved, and different flow rates can be obtained after adjusting the intake air volume.

(3) Easy to control, from simple manual control to fully automatic control.

(4) Automatic restart, regardless of the cause of pressure drop in the pressure keeping circuit, will automatically restart, supplement the leak pressure, keep the circuit pressure constant.

(5) Operational safety, using gas drive, no arc and sparks, can be used in dangerous situations.

(6) The maximum energy saving can reach 70%, because keeping pressure does not consume any energy.