It Is Very Convenient To Use

- Apr 10, 2018-

Miniature vacuum pumps can generally be divided into single pumping, pumping and pumping two types. Selection can be selected according to their use:

First, the input compressed air: If you need the suction side of the pump can provide negative pressure at the same time, the exhaust side can output a higher positive pressure than atmospheric pressure. In this case, the output pressure can be selected in descending order: PCF5015N, FAA8006, FAA6003, FAA4002, FM2002, FM1001. Of course, we must also refer to relevant technical parameters such as traffic indicators.

Second, pumping or pumping: with a micro-pump pumping or vacuum, but sometimes there will be liquid water into the pump cavity; requires micro-pump can not only pumping but also pumping; mainly pumped by micro-pump, but do not want to rely on pumping before Artificially add “drainage”; use micro-pump to pump water, but sometimes there may be no pump to pump, and it is in “dry-running” state. These situations should choose WKA series.

Third, for the pumping: micro pump for pumping is divided into two types of gas sampling pumps and miniature vacuum pumps. Gas sampling pumps are: PM series; miniature vacuum pumps are: VM series, VAA series, PK series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH series, FM series, FAA series, PCF series.

Fourth, if you need the pump itself can adjust the flow and vacuum, you need to choose intelligent vacuum pump ANB series. The intelligent vacuum pump is often called a digital vacuum pump. The liquid crystal panel on the top of the pump can display the negative pressure. It is very convenient to use.