Smart Centrifugal Pump

Smart Centrifugal Pump

Smart centrifugal booster pump is an intelligent patented product specially designed for household water cycle and pressurization.
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1. Double control: Both the flow switch and the pressure transmitter are used to control the pump start.

The pressure transmitter ensures the instant start-up. (ATTN: the pressure transmitter different from the

regular mechanical pressure switch, it is much stronger and much more accurate)

The flow switch solves the problem of the frequent start/stop.

2. In case of frequent start/stop due to pipeline leakage, press "down -" to reduce the start pressure, the

pump will work normally. Also, in this way, it is easier to detect the real defects and its causes.

3. The pump can always reach its full head and its full performance, since there is no stop pressure. Besides,

the pump is available with 0-100m intelligent pressure stacking, including the tap water pressure and the

pressure from the other installed pumps. Say, the pump can be used freely in high buildings and on high


4. Water proof high quality PCB: the service life is 300,000 times of the start/stop, while the traditional

mechanical switch max 100,000 times

5. Multiple protections from over current, over voltage, DRY RUNNING, over heat, electricity leakage

6. The timing function is available on request (optional). Pumping the water to the roof tower as per the

setting time interval.

7. The pump is silent, the noise less than 50 dB(A)

8. The pump can be used in hot water up to 100℃

9. We use silicon mechanical seal, instead of the regular ceramic one, to reach longer life

10. The pump is small and light, it is ideal for online sales. As we can see, due to the corona virus, in the

year 2020, online sales becomes the main sales channel.

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