Smart Water Booster Pump For House

Smart Water Booster Pump For House

For water taking from the well, for farm and garden irrigation, and small air conditioning system. The pump is ideal for small living water supply system
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DOUBLE CONTROL: double control by flow sensor and pressure sensor adjusts the operation automatic.

SELF LEARNING FUNCTION: The pump adjusts the start pressure according to the pipe pressure from real time monitoring. The higher the pipe pressure, the higher the pump start pressure. The lower the pipe pressure, the lower the pump start pressure. No need any manual setting, it is fully automatic.

TIMING FUNCTION: automatic water replenishment of the water tower at setting time interval.

Intelligent overlapping: 0-100m head intelligent pressure stacking, such as the the tap water pressure and the pressure from the other booster pumps in the same site. 



Liquid temperature up to +90℃

Ambient temperature up to +40℃

Max Working pressure 10bar

Continuous duty



Two-pole induction motor, 50Hz

Standard Voltage- 1x220V-240V

With thermal protector incorporated into the winding

Insulation class F

Protection IP44

new automatic domestic water pressure booster (2)

new automatic domestic water pressure booster

1 (2)_



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