Water Pressure Pump Home Home Booster Pump

APPLICATIONS It is a circulating pump designed for pressure boosting of water in domestic properties. The pump provides additional pressure to showers, taps and similar outlet points for domestic water. The pump connects a flow switch which starts and stops the pump when a tap is turned on or off. The pump selector can be set to the positions OFF, AUTO and MANUAL. When the selector is in the position MANUAL, at least one tap must be open. Otherwise the pumped liquid may over heat.
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15WGR-S Automatic Home Booster Pump




Position         The pump

OFF         is switched off

AUTO        starts and stops automatically

MANUAL     run continuously (also if the taps are turn off)

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OPERATING CONDITIONS Liquid temperature up to +100℃ Ambient temperature up to +40℃ Max Working pressure 6bar Continuous duty ELECTRIC MOTOR Two-pole induction motor, 50HZ Standard voltage 1x220V-240V Insulation class F Protection IP42 ACCESSORIES Brass Unions Gaskets and filter Brass flow switch Selector 1.5m power cable with plugPERFORMANCE RANGE Flow rate up to 25l/min Head up to 15m


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